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Welcome to Us!

We specialise in traditional Indian Cuisine, orientated from thousands of years to date in its preparation. We bought in to a class where all sectors of society will enjoy gathering in a friendly atmosphere and luxurious surrounding. We thank our highly experienced culinary Master Chef,who has a degree as a Roll of Honors, has provided us with a delicious menu. The unique combination of creativity is the art of excellence. Located in the heart of the Chelmsford, The Sitar has become a byword for the finest Indian food.

About Us

We offer a variety of famous recipes from all regions of India.It is highly nutritious , very tasty and subtle blends of exotic herbs and spices gives our dishes that extra special taste and aroma, the like of which you will taste nowhere else. Surprisingly such excellence does not cost the earth. we take great pride in using the highest quality meat , seafood and finest ingredients available.The essence of good food is time. Please allow our chef sufficient time to serve our food to the highest standard. We hope you will enjoy your meal. Thank you!

Call us: 01245-266 582 , 01245-265 164

171 Springfield Road ,Chelmsford , Essex CM2 6JP

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